Optimal design and comfort for the whole home

Smaller bedrooms and larger living areas are a noticeable trend in today's construction. Bedrooms smaller than 20 m² are no longer the exception. In these small spaces, the capacity of a 20 or 25 class indoor unit is often too large, resulting in unpleasant draughts and higher noise levels than necessary. Thanks to the 15 class, it is possible to deliver the right level of comfort in the smallest rooms.

Moreover an increasing number of EU regulations are making sure that the energy consumption of buildings is minimised. These higher insulation standards significantly reduce the capacity requirements of climate control, making the 15 class unit perfect for contemporary bedrooms.
Whereas the larger units (FTXS35/42/50K) are specially designed to bring the best possible comfort to your living room. 
Equipped with 2-area intelligent eye, horizontal autoswing and a new and improved discharge air pattern the larger wall mounted units ensure that every corner of your living room is well conditioned while at the same time avoiding direct draught.
Flat midclass

smaller capacitiesMidclass_wall_installation


New discharge air pattern

The new and improved discharge air pattern, using the “Coanda effect”, on the FTXS35/42/50K provides a greater airflow length ensuring perfect comfort in every corner of your living room. The airflow is directed along the ceiling and in this way is unhindered by any furniture in the room.


Coanda 1Coanda 2
Without Coanda effectWith Coanda effect

Two-area intelligent eye

The two-area intelligent eye on the FTXS35,42,50K series detects where people are located in the room and can project the airflow away from the occupants to avoid draught.